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Our professional goals and our commitment become our personal values. We
insist on excellence. We believe that law is the colourful face of countless
life situations, a tool of wisdom and perseverance.

The advantage of the Kelecsényi Ügyvédi Iroda lies in analytical, systematizing, in-depth analyzes and high-quality, comprehensive legal services projected on the economic processes between individuals or companies. We provide complex or case-by-case legal services covering the structure, operation, business and decision-making processes of economic companies in a wide range of legal areas, with a low-risk operating approach. We carry out assignments for our private clients in several legal fields. We place great emphasis on rapid responses, even immediate personal and online availability, and the high quality of our in-house presence integrated into the corporate organization.
In addition to applying knowledge of English, German, Hungarian legal and business languages, we provide legal service packages and fees with an excellent value for money. Our colleagues have numerous academic degrees, law university lecturers, researchers, lecturers, international and domestic business and management experience, data protection officer qualifications, compliance officer practice, civil law and economic criminal law practice combined with an economic perspective.

Dr. Beáta Réka Kelecsényi

Managing Partner

Dr. Beáta Réka Kelecsényi graduated
from the Faculty of Law of the Eötvös
Lóránt University of Sciences in 2000.
She holds academic degrees in
corporate and competition law. Her
areas of expertise include contract law,
corporate and competition law, real
estate law, litigation law, family law. She
represents a number of national and
international medium and large
companies. Her professional language
skills are English.

Dr. Mihály Mohácsi


Dr. Mihály Mohácsi graduated from the
Faculty of Law of the University of
Szeged, where he was a lecturer of the
Institute of Comparative Law and Legal
Theory in English-Hungarian,
responsible for international relations
and the LLM in Legal LLM. between
2016-2019, and a speaker at
international economic law conferences.
In 2021, he received his PhD degree in
Economics from Corvinus University of
Budapest (2021-2022).
He has several years of international
corporate management and economic
experience. He specializes in legal
aspects of ensuring the operation of
companies and enterprises in a number
of legal areas, risk mitigation, control of
internal processes, complex assurance of the operation of economic processes.
He also has several years of experience
in the fields of economic criminal law,
compliance, data protection,
whistleblowing. He has knowledge of
English, German legal and business